Archive | September 8, 2011

As an Entrepreneur what does this do for ME?

TODAY is the last day of my exclusive offer. I’ve been telling you that I can save you TIME and MONEY, but I haven’t told you the HOW of my services!

As my company name implies – I assist you virtually meaning via the internet (and/or regular mail). I do not sit in your office and take up your space. So, you don’t pay me a salary and all that entails – there’s savings right there!

What I offer is a concierge type of service:

  • help you with your e-zine/newsletter
  • help you with your announcements (this one is an example)
  • help you with your appointments (making sure people are reminded to show up, or setting up for you to attend)
  • ordering corporate gifts for clients
  • help you with your travel arrangements
  • help you with reports – “branding” so all sections work well together

Does Microsoft Office 2007 make you a tad confused? No worries on that front, that’s part of the FUN I have in my work – it does so much more. I also teach basic courses at a local adult community education center.

So, when you call me about my packages (I’ll have the links for the exclusive prices below) here’s a sample list of some questions you might have.

  • What is an ezine?
  • What needs to be in it?
  • How often does it go out?
  • What publisher (program) could be used?
  • Will you help with more than one of those examples?
  • What if I pre-order a 20 hour package and only use 18 hours in the month?

Remember, ALL of my packages are reduced 20% from the original price. These one-time exclusive package prices are:

  • The 5 hour/month package is: $174.00. Producing a savings of $43.50
  • The 10 hour/month package savings is $75.00 and your investment is $300.00!!!
  • And my biggest, shiniest offer? The Gold Package – 20 hours –will save you $134.00 – your total investment is $536!  What a savings!

And this comes to at MIDNIGHT (eastern) TODAY September 9, 2011, for you to take advantage of this exclusive, one of a kind offer – created with you in mind. Then the fees return to regular amounts.

This is why I urge you to act NOW and choose the package that best suits you. These prices are a one-time offer because they are never coming back again. Never, ever, ever!

I’m available at 877-883-8055 between 9am – 5pm – Eastern Standard Time (EST)

I am so excited for the opportunity to be of service to you, your business, your staff and more importantly freeing up your time to do what you do best while allowing me…to do the rest!

I can’t wait to work with you!