Thank You!

Thank You!

That’s a phrase not said very often these days. Thank you to those who took advantage of my generous offer. If you weren’t able to do so at this time (maybe you were out of town?), thank you for being on my list and reading about the offer and wondering what I’ll offer next.

Even though my prices are back to their original levels, I always appreciate referrals! (who wouldn’t?) So, to thank you for any client acquisition who buys a package (5, 10 or 20 hours), I will send you a $10.00 VISA gift card!

As my company name implies – I assist you virtually meaning via the internet (and/or regular mail). I do not sit in your office and take up your space. So, you don’t pay me a salary and all that entails – there’s savings right there!

What I offer is a concierge type of service:

  • help you with your e-zine/newsletter
  • help you with your announcements (this one is an example)
  • help you with your appointments (making sure people are reminded to show up, or setting up for you to attend)
  • ordering corporate gifts for clients
  • help you with your travel arrangements
  • help you with reports – “branding” so all sections work well together

That is just a sample of what I can help you with.

Does Microsoft Office 2007 make you a tad confused? No worries on that front, that’s part of the FUN I have in my work – it does so much more.

So again, Thank You for being on my list. Please watch for more helpful hints to come your way. When I can be of service – contact me and we can discuss all the ways I (as a concierge) can help you grow your business!

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