Your Health is Important

As I have stated before, I have epilepsy. In 2007 I underwent surgery placing electrodes directly on my brain to try to determine just where the seizures originate. Turned out there were either too many locations firing all at one time – or too far inside to safely perform any surgery.

The amazing news, I apparently am one of those rare people that the act of opening the skull and changing the environment of the brain has made quite a difference. I’ve been seizure-free since then.

But like anyone (perhaps you know yourself) who’s broken a bone can tell you, every time the weather changes the bone hurts where the break was. In my case I get some nasty skull aches – the vibration from chewing hurts, even smiling/laughing hurts. Then if my sinuses are also affected – I’m really in trouble! When that happens I do my best to stay away from people. Why? Because I have a very short tolerance level. I know that I will say or do something I will regret later.

In life that’s bad. For a business?? Worse! One cannot have quality client relations when suffering through a day I just described. Chances are your clients don’t know your medical history, why would/should they? Normally I can perform my work for my business without issue. This kind of debilitating pain is comparable to someone with chronic migraines. This is the kind of situation that if one can work around the situation and not have contact with people (but can still work – like I can), then this is actually a good thing. However, I also know from experience that this type of pain can be very distracting – it’s hard to think to just do “normal, everyday” things and you may not be able to work at all. I’ve been there too (just the other day in fact).

So, dear reader when it’s possible, please take the opportunity to take care of your health. When you can, rest. Do not do or say something that could turn around and “bite you in the butt” at a later date. You’re already stressing over a side-effect of your health, don’t set yourself up to make your health worse. As in my case, if I were to stress too much I could cause a seizure. I have been blessed with four seizure-free years; I do not ever want to experience another seizure. Ever.

Know your limits and work within them – but don’t let them hold you back! Don’t ever let someone tell you that you can’t do a thing because of your health. You know your body. You know what you can get away with. Do not feel sorry for yourself and lock yourself away – that solves nothing and only makes things worse.

2 thoughts on “Your Health is Important

  1. Hi Liz.

    It is so nice of you to share your personal story. Wow… it is touching… and an invitation to think… and feel. Here is what I have learnt from your blog:

    1. One can never know what we suffer from, unless we make an issue/blunder of it. Neither can we know what someone else goes through. So lets be empathetic, instead of judgemental .

    2. If we have a health condition that could mess things for us, we could learn how to work an alternative that is safer.

    3. When we share what we are going through, we may or may not get better… but one thing that will surely happen – is that we will help others understand that it is ok to have a problem/challenge. Each of us may have experienced, or may face something similar in future… so it may be good to be mentally prepared/aware.

    Appreciate your sharing, Liz… and wish you the best as you continue to push ahead on your path to energizing and motivating our world.


    Ian Faria.

    • Hi Ian

      Thank you for the wonderful comments. Yes, I did take myself out of the traditional corporate world, because being a virtual assistant and working from home when I have a day like I described I can get “away” from my desk – but still be able to work if/when my clients need me. (I was still “seen” on facebook – just not as much.) It has taken me many years to even be willing to accept that I have epilepsy let alone talk about it. I was afraid I’d either loose my job, or now loose a client/not gain a potential client.

      When “healthy” people can get a better understanding of how something feels, it makes it much easier to help those who have a medical situation of some sort. Thank you for your wishes.


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