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Eudaímōn which meant “a good or benevolent spirit.”

Today’s word is one I could really use today! But then, I tend toward a “funk” on cloudy days.

eudemonia \yoo-di-MOH-nee-uh\ , noun:
1. Happiness; well-being.
2. Aristotelianism. Happiness as the result of an active life governed by reason.

From Aristotle, eudemonia comes from the Greek word eudaímōn which meant “a good or benevolent spirit.”

Happiness; well-being, yes it is a state of mind we all strive for. However, occasionally the “dark side” sneaks up on you and you have to work just a tad harder to get past it. So, here’s to the Greek meaning – that a good or benevolent spirit watches over all of us.

OK, I’ve told you folks that I have epilepsy and why I started my business. But I don’t believe that I told you what the cause was.

My Mom was killed by a drunk driver on March 31, 1990. She and a roommate (Mom and Dad were divorced) were celebrating Mom’s birthday – which was on the 28th. Since Mom was an only child, and my Grandparents were living in Florida (she had just gotten back from visiting them) it fell to me to handle many things. Over time when Grandpa’s health got worse, Grandma would call me. Then when her health got bad and caused her death…

Well, stress and my blood sugar drops to an alarming low rate triggered my first seizure. And as the saying goes, the rest is history.

But, the true reason for today’s funk. This year the events from 1990 fall on the same days of the week.

  • Mom’s birthday 3/28 was on Wednesday
  • Thursday we picked her up at the airport from her visit with G&G (nick name for Grandma & Grandpa). She was excited that she got to spend her birthday with them. Mom and I made plans to get together on Saturday to go over everything from her trip.
  • Friday night Mom and her roommate Sandy went out to celebrate Mom’s birthday. Neither lady had a blood alcohol level.
  • Around 2:30am Saturday they hit – head on the drunk driver that killed them. Mom and Sandy died instantly.
  • As you can imagine all day Saturday was a mass of planning to be done. The kind of stuff no one wants to do. Including having to call G&G.
  • Mom’s funeral was Tuesday April 3, 1990.

Normally these days don’t bother me. I’ve gotten past “it” and really no longer wish ill of the drunk driver. Yes, I know his name, I don’t think I’ll ever forget that, I just won’t mention it here. What I do now, and have for a couple of years, is hope that he’s turned his life around for the better.

So, yes I will get past this mood (it helps when I write) and here’s to the Greek word eudaímōn which meant “a good or benevolent spirit.” Here’s to my good spirits watching over me: Mom, G&G. I love you and miss you all.


*Means Your Ever Loving Daughter/Your Ever Loving Granddaughter