Finding the RIGHT Thing for YOU!

Have you ever tried something you thought would work? Actually went along with what someone was selling you about this idea/program because you felt in your heart this would work?

Well, I did.

I had been in a job I HATED!! It was making me physically sick (my record year of seizures was while I was at that job), I dreaded going in – every day. So when this great (I thought) opportunity came along I jumped on the band wagon. It was one of those MLM companies, you know like: Herbalife, Avon, Mary Kay, Party Lites, Tupperware, etc. (it was one of those – I won’t say which) the products were GREAT. But they were/are expensive – compared to what one can buy in a store for a similar product. I did everything my “upline” told me to do. I made all the calls to people who’d expressed interest. I was on every learning call, and took all the courses they offered. The results? I fell off the wagon. I couldn’t even sell anything to my own family and because I kept pumping money in, we had to file for bankruptcy.


All during this time, I had a former boss who’d gone out on his own occasionally asking me to help him with his projects. “Liz you know how I like my proposals to look, you know how I think, would you help me with this project?” Well, yes – extra money and it was fun. Why wouldn’t I do this?

I finally realized that this MLM thing wasn’t for me. You see it takes someone with selling skills to do that. When I was working retail (part-time) I couldn’t even suggestive sell additional products! Where did I get the idea I could do the MLM thing?

Doing the virtual assistant thing – YES, I can do that! You see, I love this type of work. I especially love when I can take someone’s reports/presentations/blog posts/newsletters and make them look better. You know, dress them up, and give them pizzazz. I enjoy editing. I enjoy helping my clients. (Did you notice that the creative stuff is listed first? Did I mention I really, really love that stuff?)

So, I had started the idea that I needed my own business. I needed to get away from the job I was in and do what I wanted to do. The sad, rotten thing was doing that expensive step first. But because of that MLM, I at least knew what company to contact for creating my website. So I did learn something.

2 thoughts on “Finding the RIGHT Thing for YOU!

    • Thanks Bill, I appreciate the compliment!

      Now, what did you go through to find the right thing for you? How did you know that broadcasting was your thing?

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