Playing With Mom’s Makeup Can Be Exhilerating!

I saw this picture on facebook the other day and just knew what my Dad would say.

kids n flourThe story goes like this: A month after I turned 3 my little brother was born (yes, I’m glad he’s my brother and in my life). Dad had a long day and was TIRED – he hadn’t slept for a long time. He came home so the sitter could go home and he had to be there for when my Great-Grandmother arrived. Great-Grandma was going to be helping Mom and Dad. The plan was he’d go to sleep after she got there.

Back then it was safe to leave doors open – even if someone fell asleep on a couch… (oh yes he did.)

I’ve been told MANY, MANY times over the years that while left to my own devices I created a similar mess to that picture – but with a twist. Besides getting Mom’s loose powder all over the room, I got hold of one of her red lipsticks. I drew on the blanket, the floor and all over me. When Great-Grandma arrived and knocked at the door, I (of course) ran to see who it was.

Dad woke to screams!

As you can imagine looking thru a screen door slightly distorts the view – Great-Grandma thought I’d gotten hold of a knife and cut myself.

No one has ever said, I wonder if that greatly reduced my punishment for the mess I made in the first place. Obviously I wasn’t killed for that stunt – even though Great-Grandma couldn’t get the lipstick stains out of the blanket. Remembering her, I know she tried!

Smiley-innocentWhat kind of things have you done to torture your parents? What kind of things have your kids done to you? Please, share here – I know I’m not the only person who’s been nearly killed numerous times by adults in their life. (while trying to look innocent…)

As I write this I also realize that it’s a day after Mom’s birthday. She would have been 74. Yes, I do miss the women in my life: Mom, Grandma and Great-Grandma. I still love them. And Dad still likes to remind me of what I did all those years ago.

3 thoughts on “Playing With Mom’s Makeup Can Be Exhilerating!

  1. Haha, I love it. This reminds me of the time my mom was real sick. A very rare occasion for us (or so we thought) but this time she was so sick and tired like your dad she ‘thought’ she could lay down for a while.

    One of my sisters said the knew how to make play-doh. 🙂 We were probably 5yrs and under. Me being the youngest at 2 or 3. So they told me to go ask mom if we could make play-doh because I was the youngest she wouldn’t say ‘no’. That was their reasoning anyway. So I did and she mumbled something that I took as a ‘yes’. And we proceeded to unwrap all the paper off our crayons and put them in a pan in the oven….. I guess what woke her up was the smell. I don’t remember much else other than we found out this was one way you can’t make play-doh.

    • That’s great Pat! The thing I heard about crayons – they make for colorful sidewalk filler. Unwrap, place in any of the little holes (pitting) you find in the sidewalk, then let the Sun do its thing. Dad wasn’t too thrilled with that one. “Just because I did it, doesn’t mean you can!” 😉

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