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Have You Hugged a Nurse Lately?

doctors and nursesOK, a simple question posted on facebook really got me wondering: Do you think nurses have a love hate relationship with nursing?

My first comment: I’m not a nurse, but I have been around nurses who do have a love/hate relationship with their career. Then there are the nurses who spend some time working in a hospital then (seem to) run for a desk job – in nursing.

The reply: Great observation – it is true! Thanks for your comment!

My second comment: I do have to say: nurses have a thankless job. When I was in the hospital, I thanked and joked with every nurse that came in my room. One nurse told me she was amazed that I would do that “I can imagine the pain you’re in, how can you have such a great personality and ask how I’M doing?” Hearing that made me feel bad – why weren’t more patients being nice to their nurses?

The reply: Liz LaClair this says a lot about you! You let your light shine!

In 2007, I was in Henry Ford Hospital and tested (twice – about a month each time) for my epilepsy, with the second test having the electrodes directly on my brain – the pain part. I was always nice to my nurses and techs. It’s a simple life belief: life’s too short, have to joke and have fun with others. My husband would bake goodies for me, like banana bread mini loaves. I made sure he brought enough so I could share with my nurses. I apologized to one of my nurses after she told me I scared her. She told me she’d never been around a patient who stopped breathing during a seizure. After I calmed her down – she said she was embarrassed about her reaction – she finally laughed, shook her finger at me and told me to never do that to her again!!

When my husband was in Beaumont for both of his cancer surgeries, the nurses all loved him. Even though he was in pain after surgery, he was joking with his nurses. One of his male nurses was a (tad) embarrassed to be awarded The Daisy – it’s a top award for nurses at Beaumont. His embarrassment dealt with his being called a Daisy. I told him that in French (William Beaumont – founder – was French) daisy is marguerite. He laughed and said that wouldn’t be any better, then explained what DAISY meant.

Nurses have a LOT of work to do, they don’t always get their breaks when they should and we all expect a lot from them. When you’re sick and in the hospital (the last place you really want to be), nurses are the ones (of the medical staff) who spend the most time with you. So, why wouldn’t you be good to them?

Oh, as for that hugging a nurse question. There is one nurse I’d like to hug (she’s a new nurse – she passed her NCLEX just yesterday – 7/25/13). My great-niece Tiffany lives on the other side of the state and I haven’t seen her in a while, but I do check on her via her facebook posts!

Honey, You Look MARVELOUS!

I have issues accepting compliments.

I’m not alone. Many women feel the same way. WHY is that? Why are we conditioned to feel we’re not worthy of a compliment? We can compliment each other (and be completely sincere), then be a tad discouraged when she doesn’t accept the compliment. I was complimented this morning, and all I could think of was: I’ve gained weight, I look frumpy, I’ve got a blemish on my nose, etc. All those self-defeating thoughts that do absolutely no good!

Amy Schumer and the crew of Saturday Night Live produced a skit about how women react to compliments. It’s sad to say how spot-on this is. WARNING: For those of you who are sensitive to language, you may not want to view this. However, I encourage you to watch. Also, a tad of overkill for the end, but that’s how many women feel.

botticelli65So, why do we let society – and airbrushes – rule our way of thinking who looks beautiful? Yes, I know I talked about this on my last blog but I want to take a different angle. Is someone actually going to say Botticelli’s women are ugly because they are “plumper” than today’s standards of what is considered a beautiful woman? Yes, during the Renaissance when painters painted the average person, they were shown how (most) people looked at the time – what they considered a beautiful woman looked like. Although I do notice that some royalty looked thinner…

While yes it’s true we do have an obesity problem in this country. Yes, we need to eat a healthy, balanced diet (I’m one of those people). However, one can eat a balanced diet and still be plumper than what’s considered the “perfection of beauty” today. Think about it, when I weighed 130 and I’m 5’5”, I was NOT anywhere near the considered “perfect” range. I mean look at how models look. (Really, who wants to be that thin?) Currently I’m heavier than that – working on being a lower weight but will still be more than 130.

So, why can’t we believe folks like another SNL character? Fernando told us we all look Marvelous! He even remembers to say HE looks marvelous. (Oh, I choose to think of the “feel good” part as – you look good even when you have a cold. Knowing you look good helps you to feel positive about yourself.)

Always remember: Honey, You Look MARVELOUS!

Be Yourself – Ain’t Nobody Perfect

If you’re lucky someone – hopefully multiple someone’s – told you, you’re pretty/cute/adorable/good looking/amazing. Especially when you were a kid growing up, this is very important. As we all know self-esteem can be a very fragile thing.

I found an article posted on facebook, discussing a model’s perspective on body perfection. The message is very important: NO ONE is perfect. It shows the results of airbrushing a photo, a before and after thing.

Except in a couple of cases where the photo itself had flaws (the color/tone/balance was off) none of these people have flaws and looked better, more natural before the airbrushing (well, Madonna was having a bad day). Society and media have all told us what is considered beautiful, perfect. For actors, if you don’t have straight teeth, straight nose and little to no blemishes, you can get the lead roles, otherwise you get the “character” roles. You know, the character you know not to trust as soon as they appear in the scene. And it’s the same actor over and over in this type of role.

bald barbieOccasionally Dove will put out a promotion that everyone is beautiful no matter what their body shape is. Mattel came out with a Barbie – only for little girls with cancer – that was bald. These things need to happen more than they do. We all need positive reinforcement.

We all need to be told we’re wonderful, smart, amazing, beautiful, glorious, etc. But the trick is, we all need to be able to accept these compliments. Don’t brush them away. Don’t think that someone is simply trying to get on your good side. Accept the compliment as genuine.

Where is this coming from? Well, that link set me on this road today. You see, I have always (at least since I was 3) thought I was decidedly not pretty. My husband says I’m pretty and sometimes tells me I’m beautiful – even after my surgery and that horrible scar was quite noticeable. What’s sad? I don’t always believe him, so he’s gotten to a point where he doesn’t say it as often.

Why would anyone condition someone they love not to give them compliments???

So, no matter how we look – crooked teeth and all – we, each and every one of us, are beautiful. Beauty isn’t just skin deep – it’s inside each of us, we just have to let it shine!


Since around 6:00 this morning, I’ve had this urge, need (?) to write this. It’s taken this long (2 1/2 hours) to finalize – re-writes.

You see, a friend/neighbor of 16 years passed away, very early this morning. We all call each other “Neighbor” as in Hi Neighbor! (their kids included) He had been fighting brain cancer for about five years. His doctors were surprised at how well he had been doing and that he was still alive longer than originally predicted (two years – tops FIVE years ago).

fireworks-4Every year around this time he would be setting off fireworks (just a couple each night) from 6/30 to the 4th. If the local fireworks were on the weekend – because the 4th was during the week, he’d keep going and light the last of his “stash” after the “big show” was done. One year a neighbor across the street called the cops on us (on the 4th) for making too much noise. The police were very nice about it, actually were embarrassed to even have to say anything. Every time fireworks went off, he would grab a chair and find the best place to sit and watch – from the yard (we had a fairly good vantage spot).

His hobby was working on cars. He has a friend with a collector car. So, every year Neighbor would make sure the car was running so the friend could take it on the Dream Cruise. Neighbor always made sure that every car they owned ran as it should – especially wife’s classic car. His latest project – a Chevy pick-up (I can’t remember, possibly late ’70s).

When he couldn’t work at his job any longer, the mechanic across the street hired Neighbor to work there for as long as he wanted/could. It was one of those win-win things. The mechanic got a great, hard working employee and Neighbor got to do what he enjoyed and still feel good about himself.

Anytime my husband or I had car questions (even another neighbor two doors down), Neighbor was the “go to guy.” We are all the kind of neighbors that when we help – nope won’t take money, I know you’ll help me when I need it sort of folks.

The Neighbors are folks who enjoy their toys: jet skis and snowmobiles. We have lake privileges and there are a couple of State parks with lakes close by – those same parks have snowmobile trails.

When the kids graduated high school and were both interested in cooking schools, my husband custom built cases for each of their chef knives that also held the sharpening sticks we bought for them. I got small “plaques” with each name engraved and those were mounted on each box. When we celebrated husband’s 50th birthday, I had the Neighbor Kid (son) cater and told him to set the price. He had fun.

Since husband is so good with cabinet building, when Neighbors decided to redo their kitchen, they had husband build all of the cabinets. Back in 2000 when we redid our kitchen/dining area, (before their kitchen) Neighbor Kid (daughter) was worried that we were fixing up to move – to the point that she came over and told us NO we aren’t allowed to move!!!

So now Neighbor has to finalize her husband’s funeral. I can’t imagine how she feels, oh sure I can guess. I know it’s hard on her and on their grandson they’ve been raising since he was one – will be 12 in September. I do know one aspect she will be going through – what to do with all of his things.

So, what is the reason for this? Well to honor my neighbor. To honor a man who kept fighting when doctors told him he didn’t have a chance.

I do know that watching fireworks just won’t be the same.

Colorful Fireworks over Lake