Archive | September 23, 2013

Well Slap Me Silly and Call Me Shirley

Somebody’s trying to tell me something, I’ve just got to figure out how to listen!

I’ve been writing a variety of things over the past few years and sometimes I wonder: is anyone actually reading this???? I’ve apparently gotten thru to some. I was asked to write (and edit) for an e-magazine: It’s All About Yes, written by women entrepreneurs with the goal of helping (thru our experiences) other women entrepreneurs. Now I’m writing for Small Biz Forward an e-magazine sponsored by Business Success Unlimited. This magazine is geared to all “super busy entrepreneurs with their everyday needs” and this magazine also appears in a printed version.

im publishedBut here’s where I get a bit crazy. The publishers of both of these magazines enjoy my writing – or they wouldn’t have asked me to contribute. Right? (Yes, sometimes I feel like Steve Martin in The Jerk: My name’s in print!)

I am a member of three different facebook groups and they actually like when I post a Word of the Day (today’s – 9/23/13 – was flair). I had been told that it was missed, why did I stop posting that?


I have this blog with followers, thank you to my followers (this happily surprises me), but I don’t get much in the way of comments – even on the posts asking for comments. On my facebook fan page I post from articles I’ve written and called Tid Bits of Help for: various Microsoft Office programs and as new research is shared, I check on it and share on my page. OK, so sometimes it takes one to two weeks to get all of the information shared – just snippets at a time. On my fan page I even have Fun Fridays – posting funnies to share and ask everyone to share anything they think is fun and will produce a chuckle for someone.

But lately I had been feeling that perhaps I just wasn’t all that interesting. People have more important things to do than to read what I’ve written. Then something wonderful happened. On one of the group pages I was given a glowing testimonial from the group host:

“I would like to acknowledge the consistent and meaningful contributions of Liz LaClair who has been sharing excellent words… that can boost our understanding of our most important medium of communication – LANGUAGE.”

“Vocabulary is what defines us. It also broadens our perspective and our understanding of the world. Good use of Vocabulary (backed up by proper use of Grammar) can influence others… and even create impact. I would suggest that we all try to use the Word for the day… to improve our own vocabularies… and in turn it will make Liz feel good that the work she has been tirelessly doing… is being appreciated.”

Today a potential new client said that even if I wasn’t interested in what she needs help with “At least this gives me the opportunity to tell you how much I enjoy your newsletters and your blog.”

So, indeed someone is trying to tell me something. I’m going for the: don’t sell myself short interpretation. Also, Thank You for reading my blog, I hope you find something interesting, or hits home.