Fuddy Duddy – Hopelessly Out Of Sync?

fuddyduddyOMG! How can this be?

It seems that some of my thoughts/beliefs put me in the “old fuddy duddy” category. Just what are these (just some) thoughts that put me there? I’ve made a list and not in any particular order:

  • There’s the store commercial showing a couple excited about passing out Halloween candy at the 1st doorbell chime, then at the 2nd opening the door to Christmas carolers. How/when did that happen? Have we forgotten a holiday in between? It’s called Thanksgiving for those who are wondering.
  • FordHow did (one of) my heart throb change so much? Did I change that much?
  • The waistband of (some) guys pants is down so low they have to hold them to walk – well move in any way. WHY? Who started this, and why would anyone think this is a good look? I’ve never spent time in a prison, but I know what that means in a men’s prison!
  • What is it with being “politically correct”? It seems OK to go overboard on removing some religious symbols (because some find it offensive), but OK to keep others. It’s OK to call me a “cracker” but I can’t return any slurs??? (for the record – I wouldn’t anyway, never have)
  • When did it become the status quo to throw common sense out the window? I mean really, suing because hot coffee was too hot?????? The same crib (gulp) older adults were in as infants can’t be handed down as an heirloom for use because it isn’t safe – “a baby could get stuck”. Cant’ spank a child, it might damage their little psyches? As we can see from all the rude kids running around, that “time out” form of punishment certainly isn’t doing the trick. My brother and I survived “corporal” punishment.
  • No keeping score in games? “Because everyone is a winner, everyone is equal.” HUH??? Yep, that’ll get a child ready for the real world. Besides, how do you know when the game is over?
  • I know that respect is earned. However, when did it become unacceptable to hold a door open for the next person? When did it become OK to break into an older (80+) person’s home and beat them (either almost or to death) because they didn’t have what the burglar was looking for? I know burglary has been around for centuries, but really, beating people in their beds because they don’t have valuables in their home? When did the basic yes ma’am/no ma’am go away?
  • Why don’t politicians have common sense? That’s it for politics here, won’t discuss on this blog, not what it’s designed for.
  • Why don’t proper titles work? For a young man – prior to puberty – his title is Master, as in Master Robert. A single woman is actually Mistress, as in Mistress Caryn. Although for the record, Miss is a proper abbreviation.

Well, yes there is more, but who wants to read my HUGE list? You can get a good idea of my views from this list. I’m not a stick in the mud. I don’t faint at “colorful language,” because I can swear with some of the best. Nude scenes in movies (there’s a LOT more of it, is it really needed for the story?) don’t bother me. It can’t be just me. Have we gone overboard? I still enjoy the I Love Lucy re-runs, no sex/swearing in those. Going back to Harrison Ford and Star Wars – 1977, no sex scenes and the amount of violence was right to tell the story. Oh yeah, another peeve. Why is there so much more violence and sex to tell a story?

OK, stepping down from my soap box. I do know that much like Pandora’s Box, since some things have been released there’s no putting them back. However, mutual respect for one’s fellow man should never be out of mode.

Just my thoughts. What are yours?

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