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Mission: Possible – What Makes You Giddy?

What is your Mission in your life?

What is your Passion – what drives you? (no I don’t mean your vehicle)

contrary-2I’ve come to the conclusion, looking back on my life, my Mission seems to be: being contrary. I mean really??!! We’re always told to find our passion, our bliss, the thing that makes us tick and pursue that as a career. While this works GREAT for most people, it seems to backfire for me and I’m not completely sure why. Being contrary may not be a blessing in disguise.

One time I was told to follow my love of art/photography and somehow make that in to a career – there are so many possibilities. Except it turned out that the more I did with my artistic side to make a career, the more I hated what I was doing and doubted my abilities. Oh sure, I’m still creative I can see things others can’t, I can improve on the layout of a picture. But be enough to make a career out of this skill – apparently not so much. I either lose interest and/or faith in myself.

I am very good at what I do as a virtual assistant. However, I have found that I am happiest when I’m a “worker bee” and not a “queen bee.” I flat out do not like the “business” end of owning/running a business. Sure, I can assist others for their businesses, but I can turn off that worry at the end of the day. Run my own business? O M G!!!!! Then to throw in the idea of selling myself (most people call this marketing) – GULP!

I enjoy working with others, and helping them look good. Truly I do! It seems that even though (in some situations) I don’t mind being somewhat assertive; I like having a set thing to do and not have to worry about how the financial end of the business is doing, how is so and so doing with getting more business. So while I’m still working at a reduced level with my business and working at a part-time job, I’m still looking for the full-time job – I want to get back in to working in an office with people around.

So, have you found your answer to my first two questions? What is your Mission in life? What is your Passion – what drives you? I sure would love to read your answers!!!