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Stupid? Result of the Consequences.

When did being stupid and not facing the consequences become acceptable? Why is this allowed? Examples of what I mean:

  • Throwing trash in the lakes and oceans. We see that it causes harm to wildlife. What happens? Let’s ban the item being thrown into the lakes and oceans. Why wouldn’t we find ways to stop stupid people from this activity? Why punish the rest of the responsible population from using that particular helpful item? (like a drinking straw)
  • 8-16-15 dogsAbusing animals. So, certain breeds of dogs (in different decades/generations) are vilified because their owners teach them to be vicious, fighting animals attacking anything that moves for sport? Why not ban the “human” monsters for the behavior? Why ban the dog breed? As has been learned in the past, these dogs are gentle, loving creatures and will do anything their human wants. It is not the dog’s fault.
  • Parents not teaching their children right from wrong, respecting others and (gasp!) proper etiquette. As a result there is a whole group of people who are completely disrespectful of people and property. Then when something bad happens these same people want to know “why” it happened. Person A didn’t like how Person B looked at them, so A pulls out a gun and shoots B. What is the “solution”? Get rid of guns, but keep the behavior. Not a solution.

What is the issue with politically correct? Why is this allowed/deemed important? This example:

  • How do you know that the black person you see does have heritage from Africa? That person’s heritage could have come from Bermuda, Jamaica, Australia, or New Zealand. So how can you say that all black people should be called African Americans? Same for Mexican Americans, how do you know they’re from Mexico? They could be from Spain, Portugal, or any Central or South American country, etc. So, if African American is OK, why can’t I be classified as European American and not call me white?
  • Actually, the only people who truly have a claim on being called “American” are tribal peoples. (I do truly hope I am properly naming them.) That would include North, Central and South America with all countries involved.

When did we all get so thin skinned that everything irritates and once it becomes a big enough issue, people try to (and sometimes succeed) ban/outlaw something? Why is this allowed? Why do we condone the behavior and condemn the item/animal/person etc. misused?

Why do police and fire departments need to show there are more “everyday” heroes in their ranks than bad people? Why can’t we believe that just as there are good and bad neighbors, there are good and bad people in all walks of life.

I don’t know what the answer is. We can’t very well lock each individual person in their own little room with no interaction of any sort until there’s no one left. The only issue that would solve – the planet would be in better health, eventually.

Yes, I’m being extreme in my thought. Perhaps I’m being naïve to think that “we” attack the person doing the bad thing instead of the method used. There are way too many examples to cite, but from what I have already stated, you get the picture.

So, what is the answer?