How did Virtually Helps happen?

You may be at a point in your entrepreneurship where you’re wondering “What was I thinking? This starting a business thing is harder than I thought!” Well, you’re asking the choir (I’m there in the alto section).

We all have our reasons for starting a business – and they’re all very good, don’t let anyone tell you differently! But there are and will be days you need to remind yourself just why you took on your particular challenge. I will be honest with you – I still do once in a while. My particular reason had to do with my health – and the inability to work directly in the corporate world.

Now the reason for this blog site? Well, I don’t imagine for one minute that I’m the only one out here with health issues effecting my life. My goal for this blog is to offer you the chance to vent, share your story and/or advice with others. Yes, I will post blogs – but I’d like to read what YOU have to say too. My “mantra” for this page: the Party’s ON – Seizures Saved My Life! Kinda catchy, don’t you think?

One of the many fantastic things about owning my own business – I can set the parameters. I enjoy the “it makes my heart SING” times because I work with my clients. This is my joy, my bliss, my reason for “singing” in the alto section of that choir I mentioned at the beginning. Yes, there are times when the tune is a bit off key, but it manages to find its way back.

Please don’t ever give up. Find your tune. The thing – what ever it may be to keep that fire lit to keep you going and not surrender! Remember, the rest of the choir you’re preaching to is here to help – even if it’s to just listen and let you vent. So, share with me (and others who may be reading) how you got where you are today.

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