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Stuff in Life

It’s a fact of life – stuff happens. You just can’t avoid it. So, what do you do? You work with it, around it or right on through it. But don’t ever completely give up.

I’m one of those people who has tried my best to help others – even if it’s to just listen. I’ve never been one who’s big on asking for help. No, I don’t think I’m above everyone else. I have always figured that no matter what’s going on with me – there’s always someone who has it worse.

Well, I suppose that’s all fine and dandy. But what happens when I really do need help? Or what do YOU do if you’re a similar personality-type and you find you need help?

I’m learning (grudgingly) to ask for help – in very small increments. I will admit, because it’s important to be honest, that I haven’t told anyone close to me what’s going on – how I feel. But for you dear reader, I’m respectfully asking you to find someone to talk with. Don’t hold it in, nothing good can come from holding in your stresses and frustrations.

OK, so there will be times when it seems no one is available to talk with. If that’s the case, then one way to vent the stress is to “talk” with yourself. Yes, I know this sounds a bit strange but hear me out. I have found that if I free write either by hand or type on my computer, this simple act releases those “toxins” and helps ease some of my tensions. If I write in a journal I can keep it to look back on and say – Wow things sure have improved a lot since then!

Then after you’ve written out your frustrations, perhaps someone you trust is now available to get you out of the house, get you “away” for a bit – even if it’s only for an hour. One good thing I’ve found about my method – I can release much of the hurt before I talk with who ever and it makes it easier to get to a calmer, better mindset.

So, dear reader, what are some of the ways YOU fight frustrations? Please share – others reading may find your method easier than mine.

Thank You!