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Am I TOO Square?

Earlier this year I wrote a blog asking Is It Still Hip to Be Square? (Still wondering) That one I’m wondering about clothes and designers ideas of what I like.

Now I have a new question: Am I Too Square to Be Hip?

Yesterday we got an Ikea catalog in the mail – addressed to Current Resident. It’s nicely done and has 326 pages of all kinds of things. Well part way in to the thing – to page 157 – I still haven’t found anything I like. My husband had the same reaction.

Am I too square?

002The ideas they show for making your kitchen more functional are OK, but I really love what my husband did with our kitchen – I like it much better than the suggestions in the catalog. (He custom built every cabinet, laid the tile, put in the window, ran the plumbing, and yes that is wood flooring for the ceiling!) The ideas for the bathroom, interesting but I just don’t like the style. (Did a small child draw that design of a man and a woman for the curtain?) I’m not a fan of the dining room furniture either – a glass expandable table? We used to have a glass dining table, it was round on a bamboo base with bamboo chairs (Pier 1 years ago). But expandable? How do you safely store the glass inserts? It has clear acrylic chairs to go with – sorry, I really don’t want to slide during a meal. Some of the living room stuff is interesting. I do really like their idea of sectional furniture and that the covers are removable to be machine washed. But sadly I know me, I know I wouldn’t wrestle with the covers as much as they would need so I could wash them.

I guess I’m just a fan of “traditional” kitchens, bath, dining furniture, and living rooms. (OK, so my husband built all the stuff – including the dining room table but we bought the chairs – and we love what he did) We had a lot of fun with our first couch. It was a collection of four very BIG, over-sized cushions and husband made a rough wood frame for them – the only way to keep them in place. The only draw back to that couch – it was too comfy, it didn’t take long and you’d fall asleep! I’m just not a fan of contemporary furniture – especially since it goes in and out of style so quickly and doesn’t look comfortable to me.

Maybe I’m too much like our recliner sofa and loveseat: old, shifted stuffing and a bit frayed around the edges, but I’m comfy!