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Do You Suffer With FOMO?

I was listening to an interview today and the topic was FOMO. I was intrigued mostly because I’d never heard of this phenomenon. Have you?

FOMO = Fear of Missing Out

It seems this fear stems from people trying to do it all and have it all – at the same time. This happens when one has so much on their plate they tend to potentially miss something.

The psychologist made some comments that especially with the social network abilities we have, FOMO can trigger all sorts of responses. From hey that’s GREAT news to the opposite end – a negative response and mostly kept inside. This negative feeling is generally jealously. WHY is so and so getting all the good breaks? WHY are they bragging so much about their kid? Their kid isn’t anymore special than MINE! Or the potential of hearing about events that you weren’t invited to, the get together with co-workers for happy hour and you turned it down, to even an ex wanting to re-connect. All the things that can make a person question themselves. The comments went on to state that many people suffer from second guessing as it is, for this new trend to appear is another thing for people to work through.

Believe it or not, FOMO is a real issue. In this time of having to do so much to get ahead, of so many people communicating via social media, it can make this issue become more and more serious. This is not to say that communicating via the networks is a bad thing per se, but as a society many people (seemingly) have given up on one-to-one communication. You’ll see groups of people – in the same room – texting back and forth instead of actually speaking. There’s something wrong here.

No, I’m not jealous. I choose to not have a “smart” phone. I choose to not have texting on my phone. I was always the “odd” one in high school, (I used backpacks before anyone else thought of it – at least in my school) I wasn’t one of the “in” crowd. This tendency toward, odd/being different seems to have continued throughout my life. Nothing wrong with it – different is a good thing – to be embraced.

However, FOMO is something to be addressed. As kids there’s always the potential to be the “odd ball” the one never invited to be part of the “in” crowd, so why on Earth would we want to continue this feeling as adults? Tooting your own horn because a wonderful/positive event happened is a great thing. Congratulating your friends because of their achievements is always good for the soul. But, don’t get so caught up in your life and all the things you’re trying to do just to maintain that you forget the fun things. Don’t forget to do that stop and smell the roses thing!

Oh, and yes of course it’s wonderful to have social networking friends that you haven’t actually met face-to-face. It’s wonderful to communicate with people on the other side of the planet. Just don’t let communicating via the internet (exclusively) control your life.

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Listening IS a Skill

How are your listening skills? Are they well honed? Or are they dull from lack of use?

Here’s why I ask.

Overheard conversation in a store – employee with supervisor.

Employee: Well, since you can’t schedule me to return this week, I’m sort of taking advantage of the extra time. I have to go to a funeral for a family member.

Supervisor: (Laughs) Oh, that’s very ni… oh, I’m sorry for your loss. Feel better, see you next week.

Now, I realize that I don’t know the whole story. However, the supervisor clearly wasn’t listening. Didn’t appear to even care what the employee was saying. But it is safe to say the listening skills are lacking.

Keep this in mind – whether it’s for your business or any other one-to-one communication – you need to listen to what the person is telling you. You simply just can’t hear what a person is saying. I mean, while you’re sitting there reading this if there’s any noise in your background you’re hearing it not listening.

Of course many people don’t seem to know the difference between hearing a person and listening to a person. OK, what’s the definition?

Hearing is a noun meaning the faculty or sense by which sound is perceived, the act of perceiving sound.

Listening is a verb (used without object) meaning to give attention with the ear; attend closely for the purpose of hearing.

Now after reading the definitions you can see that one can hear another person only because they perceive a sound. Listening requires action. One must attend closely to know what is being said, or what is going on at the time.

It’s along the lines of your Mother asking “Are you listening to me?” Generally meaning you had better be paying attention to what she’s saying! Versus, “Did you hear me?”

The best way to develop people skills (and we all need them), is to have well honed listening skills.

Here’s a Question

How does one get a point across clearly in 140 characters or 60 seconds?

I know it’s a challenge for me – I have a tendency to babble (especially when I’m excited or nervous) and when I type messages I tend to “talk” in proper, full sentences. That could stem from parochial school and the Sisters of St. Joseph! But using abbreviations for words sometimes drives me nuts – I don’t know what a person is trying to tell me!

Now some of those text lingos make sense and others… ILU = I Love You. What’s the matter with the standard 143?

  • CYA = See You. Wouldn’t CU make more sense?
  • Why would anyone even need to ask ASL? If you can’t figure out that Liz = female too bad, and I’m not going to tell you my age and location.
  • The one that really confused me and I needed serious translation: ROTFLUTS. HUH???? If you’re laughing that hard tears should be rolling down your cheeks, how in the blazes can you even see the key board/pad to even type those letters?

So, I’ve been trying to figure out how I could even write this idea with this lingo. The thing is – I don’t have the full “dictionary” so I’m really challenged. 🙂

So, AFAIK this challenge will W8 4 ADIP to figure out. I hope this gave you a C&G.