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Is It Still Hip To Be Square?

I keep wondering strange things like:

  • Why do designers think that women don’t want functional pockets in our jeans?
  • Just what is up with the waistband of pants being down around the upper thigh? (I really don’t care to see boxer shorts)
  • Why can’t people wear their baseball caps the “right” way? There’s a reason for the brim’s design – keeps the sun out of your eyes. (duh) Does the hat have to go off to the side or the back?
  • Does fashion have to be expensive and (in some cases) uncomfortable?
  • Do we have to change the name of a style? When I was a kid “Capri” pants were called “pedal pushers” – the same pant design.

Huey Lewis and the News did this fun song: It’s Hip to be Square. I keep wondering, am I that square? I really liked the BIG bells when they were out. Even now I insist on finding boot cut jeans, because I like the look much better than peg-legs (always have). And since I mentioned Capri pants/pedal pushers, I suppose it’s a compromise on shorts. I’m not comfortable in them – but I have a few pair.

As for the comment on fashion being uncomfortable. I will admit that when I was in my 20’s I used to wear (at least) a 3″ heel – to work. Work then for me was in a doctor’s office as a medical assistant (being the only one) and was on my feet a lot! But that’s another story. When I met my husband, a group of us went to a bar and I was wearing my boots with a 3″ heel, tight bell bottom jeans and a form-fitting top. (I was a lot thinner and in better shape then) Now I have issues with 2″ heels! They’re just not terribly comfortable. Sigh. Don’t get me wrong, I do remember how to dress nicely, I just don’t have to right now.

butt crackI do have to say, I like the “joke” t-shirts for the issue of plumber’s crack. They show imagination and make for a chuckle.

Hmm, while I’m writing this It’s Hip to be Square started playing on the radio. Maybe the Universe is trying to tell me something?