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Seizures in the Oddest Places

a acid showerThis Aunty Acid comic reminded me of an “event” – my first seizure to really scare my husband. (That’s saying something since a previous one was while we were on the bike going 50 MPH!)

I was getting ready for work, doing the usual shower thing – much better for waking up – when the next thing I know I’m in my robe and in bed. Not sure what freaked ME out more:

  • the fact that I had another rotten seizure (at that time I’d have one then a couple of years would go by then I’d have one seizure)
  • that I was in bed with my robe on (THANK YOU honey for putting the robe on!!)
  • or I was in bed with EMT/firemen standing around me and my husband in the doorway

I can look at this comic, years later and can laugh at the visual. I’ve gotten past this particular embarrassment. I know I had no control over the situation. What I do now – everyday actually – is be very thankful that I’m seizure-free since August 2007!

Besides, I was in much better physical shape when I had that seizure than I am now! (I would really be embarrassed NOW) Sometimes in our lives we need to be able to look back at something and learn to not be upset about what happened.

(Oh, the reason my husband was more scared – I had stopped breathing and he didn’t know what to do.)