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What Do Garden Gnomes and Nell Have in Common?

You may know that we were “adopted” by our neighbors, and their daughter calls us Grand Neighbor. My husband and I have fun with this.

Last year she (for this I’ll call her Nell) noticed a garden gnome door I had made and asked about it. Nell wondered how we got it and how she could get one. Well we told her that gnomes are shy around people, but we’d talk with our gnomes and see what happens.

Nats gnome doorSo, of course for her birthday (in December) a gnome door appeared in their yard. Mom video taped Nell’s reaction so we could see. Grand Neighborette told Daddy that they had to show Grand Neighbors!! Yes, we’ve been having fun.

Shortly after the gnomes “arrived” it happened that someone threw trash out a car window – a pizza box. We told her that the gnomes must have had a fun house warming party.

Now it’s Summer (well according to the calendar), Nell and Mommy have been doing yard work and clearing some of the foliage around the gnome door. She put out chairs and a Welcome sign. She also sent a note saying she was glad to have a garden for them and explained what she planned for the garden. And added “Love you Gnomes.”

Of course the gnomes HAD to write back. Blue Jay and Bearfoot thanked her for the chairs and the sign and told her she’s doing a fine job.

Today’s note? Nell wants to know other gnome names (presuming Grand Neighbor’s gnomes – those will be Periwinkle and Buckhorn), wants a playdate, said it’s OK for her gnomes to add things. (Bearfoot is thinking about a picnic table…). Then added “PS please don’t leave your trash outside.” Hmm, it seems those young gnomes have to clean up their act! Oh and I understand that there’s another note, she wants the little mesh bag and ribbon (used to tie the note) returned.

It seems that Bearfoot also has to find a mailbox. Hmm, maybe Blue Jay can do that one.

Now about that play date thing. I’ll have to remind Nell that gnomes (being very shy) are night creatures and that when they’re around people at any time they “freeze” in to statues. Being a statue makes it very hard to play. Oh, have to tell her that sometimes gnomes travel to help wild creatures, so there may be some times when you won’t see an answer to your notes right away.

Now to answer that question: What Do Garden Gnomes and Nell Have in Common? Grand Neighbors!

To Maryann

This morning I lost my Step-Mom, Maryann.

She was battling cancer. It was a situation of the chemo was winning over the cancer, but it was killing her.

We had all hoped she would beat it, she would win. I was looking forward to the day when she and my Dad could go back to how things were for them a couple of years ago. (Before her Mom moved in requiring care) So they could have fun, the fun they deserved.

Maryann put up with the occasional blonde joke.

Occasionally put up with us talking about something and if she couldn’t hear it, we’d tell her the truth, we weren’t talking about her. It was just the way we said it.

Maryann loved yellow and Tweety Bird. She decided that Dad was Sylvester. She even had Tweety lettered on her car at one time.

She loved the wind up Chicken Dance chickens Kim and I got her for a couple of special occasions. She would wind them up and let them go – for a long time. Long enough that even when Dad would get tired of them, he didn’t seem to mind (many times anyway) that Maryann would keep them going.

Maryann loved being on/near the water. She was the first lady Commodore of their boat club: Mariner’s Yacht Club (I don’t remember seeing any yachts). She liked relaxing on the moored houseboat they had. She enjoyed their trips down to Islamorada (upper Keys – Key West, FL).

She loved my brother’s two dogs and my dog Kodi. One time they watched Kodi for us when Kim and I took a short trip. They were at the houseboat and Maryann thought that Kodi should walk along her side on the walkway to get back to shore. It wasn’t wide enough, Kodi fell in. Maryann jumped in to get Kodi – who was swimming in the wrong direction – caught her and flipped her up on shore for Dad to get her. Dad didn’t know Maryann was that strong!

Maryann doted on my brother’s dogs – Bailey and Twinkie. They (both Pit Bulls) loved to cuddle with her on the couch.

Maryann loved to remind me of the first time I met her. I was being protective of my Dad. I met her just before they were to leave for a trip to Antigua. I was blunt and asked her did she really love my Dad, or was she just playing him to go on the trip. Oh, and YES she loved my Dad!

I’m glad she decided to like me. I will miss you Maryann.