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Always Thank a Toddler For That Gift

Well things (financially) have been seriously tight for us, so I took on a part-time job. There’s a “trick” to life – you have to find happiness/fun – it doesn’t just magically appear – and sometimes it can be in the strangest situations.

My part time job is in retail. I work at one of those large grocery/general merchandise stores – no not Walmart. I work in the merchandise section and there are interesting things and people there!

Just for some examples there’s the:

  • need to test bounce balls – all the way through the store
  • need to play “football” with the sanitary napkin packages
  • need to “shoot hoops” to get the tested balls back in to the tall display – nope can’t put the ball back the way you got it out (between bungee cords), where’s the fun in that?
  • need to test spray paint colors – on the wall/floor
  • need to really make a person’s job interesting – leave packages of food all over the store, if it’s something that will smell bad after a couple of hours all the better
  • need to accept what toddlers give you

Now how do I handle some of this? Well it more or less depends on the entire situation. For those of you who know me – generally humor is the way to go.

That test bouncing thing. Well, one time I was in an aisle putting a toy away when all of a sudden a ball came flying over the top of the shelving. It just missed me. Really??!! Just as I picked it up a boy came running around the end of the aisle immediately apologizing. I told him that this is why test bouncing isn’t always a good idea. His Mother came around the corner apologizing saying it’s all her fault. I could tell they were sincere – so humor kicked in. I put my hands on my hips and said yes, it sure is. Then wagged my finger and said you’re grounded young lady! Her other son had rounded the corner as I said this. The 1st boy’s eye grew wide, his brother put his hand over his mouth so his Mom wouldn’t hear him laugh. She looked at me, realized that I was being funny apologized again, she and her son picked up what got knocked down while all of us were laughing.

The unruly teenage boys playing football? Well, yes they made a mess and wouldn’t listen to one of my co-workers – she’s their age. Then I asked, “Really guys? Aren’t you, big for being 7?” They stopped what they were doing, apologized, picked up the packages of pads and put them back. (Unfortunately they went through the rest of the store causing trouble – can’t fix them all)

We also take calls from outside the store. I was helping this older woman who was asking all kinds of questions about what was on sale in the beauty department. Yes, it was a busy time in the store. But I didn’t mind taking the time to help her. Part way into our conversation she said “I’m sorry to bother, I know you folks are busy, but I can’t get to the store unless someone brings me and I don’t want to waste their time.” She had recently suffered a stroke and lost the vision in one eye. She wanted to know about some of the sale items because she is getting things together for Christmas. She wants to thank all the folks who have been helping her. But then we got to the “What’s this John Frieda stuff? I really don’t know what it is. I don’t know – please don’t be offended – what white folks use in their hair.” After chuckling a bit (it was hard not to actually laugh hard at this one) I told her it depends – some of us have such problems with frizzing that scissors might be a good thing. But I helped her out and gave her some suggestions.

I have even learned a valuable lesson. When a toddler hands you a bottle of nail polish like she’s giving you a gift – you make a big fuss about saying thank you and this is very pretty. Do not let her see you put it away! Well, actually I already knew that, I just wasn’t expecting her to watch me for as long as she did!

I may not be happy about the reason for having the part time job, but there is some fun involved. Just have to enjoy it when it happens – just like anything else in life.