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Adversity? It Can’t Touch Me!

Well, I do suppose it depends on the situation and your frame of mind at the time. Kinda like do you cry over spilled milk? Or do you just let the cat/dog lick it up and then accept the love they give you?

One of my adversities was being unemployed. Part of the reason was yes, my year of record amount of seizures, the other part was not being able to find the job after the last company merged and I wasn’t needed any longer. Then of course there was the medical disability, doctors not allowing me to be in any workplace.

YES I was bored out of my mind. YES I was depressed. YES I was frustrated. I mean really – I needed to work, for my self-esteem and because we needed the income.

So, in the face of that adversity I started – slowly because I was unsure of what to do – my business. Someone had to explain to me what a virtual assistant is and that YES this is something I could do. I had everything I needed here at home.

Around the same time my husband learned about and became a FEMA inspector. Well OK, to properly describe this – he’s a sub-contracting inspector for a company sub-contracting with FEMA. Doing this has the potential to make a decent amount of money – got us caught up a bit on the bills.

However, there was a down side to this. My husband was gone for a couple of months. This may sound strange, but we’d never been apart that long. The longest is (generally) every year for his 10 day hunting trip with his brother. He is very good at adjusting to various situations; he’s a laid-back kind of guy. His adversity was being away from home and his first location was in New Orleans and was in a not-so-safe neighborhood and had guns pulled on him. He almost quit right then and there.

Fortunately (or unfortunately for the fact that there were people in need), there was another location they could send him to. The folks in Iowa had a much different mind-set.

My husband has gone on a few disasters since then. Has been in New Orleans, in sections of Illinois and is currently in New York. The adversity now? Like anyone else he hates seeing what people are going through. Fortunately his sense of humor eases up some frustration people are going through – even if it is for a short time. Laughing is always good for the soul.

Other adversities can be a very independent person breaking something – a leg, arm – and having to ask for help to get things done. This type of person hates to have to ask for anything – you try getting dressed with both of your arms broken. Fortunately, this is a short-term adversity.

How about getting a run in your pantyhose – just as you’re arriving for an interview. Then there’s anytime you have car issues and you need to get to your destination – it’s urgent.

Do you realize that adversity can go a long way toward teaching lessons? Don’t give up, you can overcome and be a better person as a result. It could be the push you needed to go in a different direction in your life and find that something that brings you happiness.

At the very least you learn to carry an extra pair or pantyhose and sign up with an auto club and whip out your trusty cell phone and let “them” know what’s happening.

What a Psychic Once Told Me

Rather interesting email yesterday. It told me that I needed to be concerned because:

I am contacting you now because this morning I had a powerful flash about you and I felt the enormous distress that you are carrying with you at the moment.
If act NOW then you have every chance to resolve the major questions which you have about your love life at this time.
I know you now feel abandonned and alone as far as your love life is concerned but I want you to know that this is no longer the case because I want to help you to work through this situation.

Yes, this person is a psychic I contacted – based on a friend’s recommendation. The above excerpt is exactly how she sent it – with typos. My reactions:

  • Enormous distress????? Huh?
  • What major questions about my love life? My husband and I are very happy thank you very much! We’ve been together 30 years and married 26.
  • There is no way I feel abandoned.

This is the same psychic who told me at the beginning of last year that she saw a lot of travel for me for the year. Well, OK I’ll give her that one. I did go to a convention in Chicago. I did do a lot of driving back and forth to the hospital because of my husband’s surgeries. OK, on the “a lot of travel” thing.

Then she said, here is a list of your lucky days. On these days you should play the lottery, I know you will win. OK, what could that hurt? I played the Lotto and instant tickets. Win? Not once. The only one who did well on that was the State Lottery Commission – they sold more tickets.

It is very rare that I contact psychics for readings (the last time was when I was 21 and Mom thought the person was great – another way off base person), but sometimes they are entertaining. I should say right now, I’m sure there truly are gifted people out there. Just because I haven’t found one doesn’t mean they don’t exist. Maybe it’s that I don’t completely understand exactly what they’re telling me?

What do I actually learn from psychics?

Well, there is the belief that I am smart and can make my own way in life – with the help of friends and loved ones. This is how everyone truly does well in life. A truly wealthy person cannot count how many friends they have – because there are so many. A wealthy person counts their blessings – and they are abundant!

My life is blessed. I have people I love and who love me. I have friends, and people who think I’m great even when I don’t see where they get that idea. I do thank God – every day – for this and ask for help for my family and friends (as the need arises). You’d better believe that I asked for help for Kim’s cancer and that he be given the ability to beat it. It worked – he is a little over a year and cancer free. But the doctor won’t declare this for another 3 years.

So, thank you God for my life.

Oh, a positive flow of income wouldn’t hurt…