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Playing With Mom’s Makeup Can Be Exhilerating!

I saw this picture on facebook the other day and just knew what my Dad would say.

kids n flourThe story goes like this: A month after I turned 3 my little brother was born (yes, I’m glad he’s my brother and in my life). Dad had a long day and was TIRED – he hadn’t slept for a long time. He came home so the sitter could go home and he had to be there for when my Great-Grandmother arrived. Great-Grandma was going to be helping Mom and Dad. The plan was he’d go to sleep after she got there.

Back then it was safe to leave doors open – even if someone fell asleep on a couch… (oh yes he did.)

I’ve been told MANY, MANY times over the years that while left to my own devices I created a similar mess to that picture – but with a twist. Besides getting Mom’s loose powder all over the room, I got hold of one of her red lipsticks. I drew on the blanket, the floor and all over me. When Great-Grandma arrived and knocked at the door, I (of course) ran to see who it was.

Dad woke to screams!

As you can imagine looking thru a screen door slightly distorts the view – Great-Grandma thought I’d gotten hold of a knife and cut myself.

No one has ever said, I wonder if that greatly reduced my punishment for the mess I made in the first place. Obviously I wasn’t killed for that stunt – even though Great-Grandma couldn’t get the lipstick stains out of the blanket. Remembering her, I know she tried!

Smiley-innocentWhat kind of things have you done to torture your parents? What kind of things have your kids done to you? Please, share here – I know I’m not the only person who’s been nearly killed numerous times by adults in their life. (while trying to look innocent…)

As I write this I also realize that it’s a day after Mom’s birthday. She would have been 74. Yes, I do miss the women in my life: Mom, Grandma and Great-Grandma. I still love them. And Dad still likes to remind me of what I did all those years ago.