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Life Altering Changes

Because the people who are crazy enough to think they can change the world are the ones who do. ~ Steve Jobs

Yes, it seems that Steve Jobs losing his battle with cancer has inspired this particular topic. Maybe in a way it has.

Mostly I want to know whose world have YOU changed?

In a time when some still find challenges in their everyday world, you never know when some small act of kindness you did may have done something wonderful for that person.

Yes, we have all heard/read about things like Paying it Forward, the belief in Karma, etc. But, are acts of kindnesses done because we’re consciously thinking it needs to be done if we want to get to Heaven? Or are your acts from the heart – because you want to?

Is it crazy to walk on a crowded street and say Hi to people? According to some of the looks I get it is. Is saying Hi to someone going to change the world? You never know, if we all just take that half a minute it takes to nod your head at someone, say Hi – thereby acknowledging their existence – it could change the world. Instead of being cynical and/or afraid of others, we could possibly (at the very least) tolerate the fact that we’re sharing this world with a whole bunch of other people.

What a radical idea! I know I’m not the only one to wonder if this kind of thing could catch on. But, if I’m not the only one, why hasn’t it caught on? Am I that seriously outnumbered?

Remember, I’m not asking if you changed the WORLD – just if you changed someone’s world. A complete stranger, a client/customer, a family member, a spouse/significant other – any one of these folks might benefit from something YOU do. When that happens who knows, the world can really be changed in a positive way!

Yes, I’ve been told I’m crazy/weird, strange and/or just plain nuts. But here’s to all of us making a positive change in our world!