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Honey, You Look MARVELOUS!

I have issues accepting compliments.

I’m not alone. Many women feel the same way. WHY is that? Why are we conditioned to feel we’re not worthy of a compliment? We can compliment each other (and be completely sincere), then be a tad discouraged when she doesn’t accept the compliment. I was complimented this morning, and all I could think of was: I’ve gained weight, I look frumpy, I’ve got a blemish on my nose, etc. All those self-defeating thoughts that do absolutely no good!

Amy Schumer and the crew of Saturday Night Live produced a skit about how women react to compliments. It’s sad to say how spot-on this is. WARNING: For those of you who are sensitive to language, you may not want to view this. However, I encourage you to watch. Also, a tad of overkill for the end, but that’s how many women feel.

botticelli65So, why do we let society – and airbrushes – rule our way of thinking who looks beautiful? Yes, I know I talked about this on my last blog but I want to take a different angle. Is someone actually going to say Botticelli’s women are ugly because they are “plumper” than today’s standards of what is considered a beautiful woman? Yes, during the Renaissance when painters painted the average person, they were shown how (most) people looked at the time – what they considered a beautiful woman looked like. Although I do notice that some royalty looked thinner…

While yes it’s true we do have an obesity problem in this country. Yes, we need to eat a healthy, balanced diet (I’m one of those people). However, one can eat a balanced diet and still be plumper than what’s considered the “perfection of beauty” today. Think about it, when I weighed 130 and I’m 5’5”, I was NOT anywhere near the considered “perfect” range. I mean look at how models look. (Really, who wants to be that thin?) Currently I’m heavier than that – working on being a lower weight but will still be more than 130.

So, why can’t we believe folks like another SNL character? Fernando told us we all look Marvelous! He even remembers to say HE looks marvelous. (Oh, I choose to think of the “feel good” part as – you look good even when you have a cold. Knowing you look good helps you to feel positive about yourself.)

Always remember: Honey, You Look MARVELOUS!