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Be Yourself – Ain’t Nobody Perfect

If you’re lucky someone – hopefully multiple someone’s – told you, you’re pretty/cute/adorable/good looking/amazing. Especially when you were a kid growing up, this is very important. As we all know self-esteem can be a very fragile thing.

I found an article posted on facebook, discussing a model’s perspective on body perfection. The message is very important: NO ONE is perfect. It shows the results of airbrushing a photo, a before and after thing.

Except in a couple of cases where the photo itself had flaws (the color/tone/balance was off) none of these people have flaws and looked better, more natural before the airbrushing (well, Madonna was having a bad day). Society and media have all told us what is considered beautiful, perfect. For actors, if you don’t have straight teeth, straight nose and little to no blemishes, you can get the lead roles, otherwise you get the “character” roles. You know, the character you know not to trust as soon as they appear in the scene. And it’s the same actor over and over in this type of role.

bald barbieOccasionally Dove will put out a promotion that everyone is beautiful no matter what their body shape is. Mattel came out with a Barbie – only for little girls with cancer – that was bald. These things need to happen more than they do. We all need positive reinforcement.

We all need to be told we’re wonderful, smart, amazing, beautiful, glorious, etc. But the trick is, we all need to be able to accept these compliments. Don’t brush them away. Don’t think that someone is simply trying to get on your good side. Accept the compliment as genuine.

Where is this coming from? Well, that link set me on this road today. You see, I have always (at least since I was 3) thought I was decidedly not pretty. My husband says I’m pretty and sometimes tells me I’m beautiful – even after my surgery and that horrible scar was quite noticeable. What’s sad? I don’t always believe him, so he’s gotten to a point where he doesn’t say it as often.

Why would anyone condition someone they love not to give them compliments???

So, no matter how we look – crooked teeth and all – we, each and every one of us, are beautiful. Beauty isn’t just skin deep – it’s inside each of us, we just have to let it shine!