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Don’t Let Bad Rule You. Life Can Be A Party


I know it’s been such an incredibly looooooooong time since I last wrote a blog. I was guilty of letting that shocker to my health get in my way.

As a refresher, I had been seven years seizure-free until December 16, 2014. What made my system whacky? Well I had some shoulder pain and the family doctor (without checking for possible side-effects) prescribed prednisone. This was a higher dose than what you get when treating for a cold and/or sinus infection (like a minimum of 10x higher). After a couple of days the prednisone counter-acted my seizure meds. It was as if I suddenly stopped taking them. Well, when one suddenly stops taking some meds, it causes the very thing the drug is preventing. So for me, three seizures that day.

7-9-15 not rejecting helpI was blessed during my six months of restricted driving. A neighbor (stay at home Mom with an adorable 5 year old daughter) took me to work and on my short days picked me up. She and I even went to a couple of garage sales – doing fun stuff. The folks at work (part-time job in retail) handled all the bank runs, even another department on the days when I would have been the only person to go.

But you see, I lost my independence – Boo Hoo. It wasn’t as if I did a lot of traveling – I don’t really. It’s just the issue of having to depend on others and feeling like a burden, whether they told me I wasn’t or not. It didn’t matter, because I felt that I was a burden and/or pain in the…

I’ve been back to driving for a month now. Would you believe that it’s still taken a bit for me to get over myself? I think what really helped was having an emergency at work and my boss (regional supervisor) calling me at home asking me to go back to the store – and be able to count on me to actually do this.

I have always had a hang up – I can and am willing to help others, happy to do so and don’t expect anything in return. But (now there’s a big word), when it comes to me asking for help…

7-9-15 Asking-for-helpSo, what is the lesson I’m trying to impart?

Well for one thing understanding that the quote is true and for me and other like-minded people to remember and hold in our hearts.

Don’t let health set backs ruin your outlook on life in general. Stuff happens – good and bad. Don’t get so wrapped up in what you perceive as “what should be” that you bog yourself down with nonsense (feeling you can’t ask for help). Basically, get over it, move on. This is not to say that you don’t have the right to be frustrated over the set back. You do. Just don’t let it run your life.

Notice my tagline up there at the top: The Party’s on – Seizures Saved my Life! Why do I say that? Well anyone can let the bad stuff in life run them down and ruin their outlook on life. Why not say that something adverse turned out positive? It’s working on perspective and how one views life that’s important.


Sticking to Your Guns

Wow, that’s a loaded issue! (pun intended??)

What do you do when you have a great idea, but for much of your life someone has knocked down many/most of what you thought were great ideas? You think you’ve hit on the answer, the idea that will propel you out of your rut.

But, because of all those years of having negatives thrown at you you’re just not sure. What do you do?

You stick to your guns! Doggone it, you’ve done the research and this is something you can do AND feel positive about. You feel positive about the opportunity, the potential outcome and above all your ability to DO this. It falls within your knowledge and abilities – why not?

OK, so yes I’ve had many times where I thought I had a great idea and I let a parent, friends, co-workers, family talk me out of it. Only to find out it really would have been the best way for me to go. Hindsight is that 20/20 thing and often too late to do anything about. But then occasionally mixed in is the one or two times I tried something and followed what I thought would work and failed horribly – one to bankruptcy. So, yes sticking to my guns when I started my business was seriously scary!

But, what do you do when you’ve had a history of people talking you out of doing something now giving all kinds of moral support? Getting people actually agreeing that you can do what you’re setting out to do!

Does it matter? Should it matter?

Well, to a certain degree since we are social creatures it does matter. It is important to stick to your guns. It is important to have valuable advice. Just as it is important to follow your heart of hearts. Keep in mind, people have failed in their endeavors – but gone on to do great things. Some people have a magic touch and seem to succeed as soon as they put their touch to the idea – but that is incredibly rare. No matter where you are on that scale – stick to your guns!