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How do you find Happiness?

I saw this statement on facebook today: I find Happiness in the simplest of things. It didn’t attribute an author to the statement but it made me think. Yes, I do find happiness that way.

Simple things can be different for everyone. It can be something as simple as the payment you were putting in the envelope slid right in – no “fighting” to get it to work. Paying cash for something and actually having the exact (coin) change so you didn’t end up with a fist full of coins. Sitting at your desk and having your pet come up and “demand” attention. (Having your spouse do that works too.) Having my husband – who thinks giving anyone flowers is a waste – surprise me by picking flowers for me.

Sometimes when I’ve had a rough day, just having “stuff” work when it’s suppose to, is a simple thing that brings happiness. As in, rough day stopped on the way home to get some groceries, walk in the door and your spouse is there to help. Or, you walk in a room turn on a light and it works. After your rough day, coming home and everything is humming along just as it should. Now, there’s some happiness for you!

Always remember, there’s a reason we’re told to stop and smell the flowers. It has a calming effect. Our brains, minds, whole bodies need that moment of rest, happiness, joy, calm, etc. It doesn’t matter if you have health issues or not – we each have to learn to find the Happiness in the simplest of things. Don’t wait to find a “big” thing to help you find happiness – the little things are very important.

I wish you all kinds of simple things heading your way.