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Power of Words

You know you’ve heard about the power words can have on a person.

  • The pen (words again) is mightier than the sword
  • Be careful what you wish for – it might happen
  • Speak your belief out loud – it will happen

What happens when you good naturedly joke?

A Facebook friend mentioned last night (only October 27th) that she was cold. I asked her what was she going to do when it really gets cold – picturing the coming winter with snow, wind and ice. Well apparently the typed word effects karma the way a pen would. I woke up to 30 degree weather and frost everywhere!

I realize that it’s just a coincidence – it was forecasted to be that cold anyway, but hmm I wonder… if I find someone muttering about too much (client) work and joke with them, will karma send more clients my way and give me too much to do? Wouldn’t that be great? I could live with that.

But then there’s the concern that it could backfire. YIKES! Definitely don’t want that one. So, perhaps it’s best to stick with the belief that life is what you make it. One can’t always hope that the thing they say will bring about the change they want/need. Physical action is needed as well.

So, don’t trust your life, health and business just to Fate – you have to take a hand and responsibility for the outcome.

Enjoy and I wish for you a happy and prosperous life.