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Resolutions/Goals – Huh???

For as long as I can remember I’ve not been good at that thing. I mean, EEWW, EEWWWW!! But, being tied down to something I have to be responsible for? Something that affects me directly? (I have no problem with the commitment of marriage/relationship – we celebrated our 25th anniversary in 2011)

I’m one of those folks who, yes I know what I want. I have a general idea of how to get what I want. But I have a challenge when it comes to setting up goals and sticking to them. I have a friend who came up with an answer that really seems to fit for me. She had noticed that I am creative in nature. I do LOVE my photography, I love to design a look for my clients’ reports, etc. She told me I suffer from a form of A.D.D.


In her definition A.D.D. = Artists Dreaming Daily. In this case artists can see the path they want to take. Can see what the final outcome can/should be. But dang it, can’t always see just how to get there – can’t see the steps it takes to get to the goal.


I suppose I should be “ashamed” to say that this is me. I suppose I should say that I need to overcome this “affliction.” But then I worry that if I do learn to be (at least) somewhat rigid and follow goals, I’d loose my creative side. This may sound like a bit of a cop-out, but since my seizures and the lovely (yes there is sarcasm here) medications and the surgery, a bit of my personality has changed. I do, on occasion, have issues with focus. It seems that the times I have issues with this is when I have to concentrate on something more concrete. Like something I need to do for me/my business. Concentrating on those “technical” things – you know the stuff that when you read seem dry. The text book kind of stuff. EEWW, EEWWWW!! Or should I say, “Oh look, I could do…”?

I have identified my flaw. I have at least learned not to let my form of A.D.D. negatively effect my work. I am concerned that this will be a bit of a challenge for me, but that sooner or later I will get beyond this fear and then be able to create goals that I can stick to and have a better/clearer path to where I’m going. How about you?

Let’s all have an amazing 2012!