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Life in Different Directions

At various times in each person’s life, directions change. This can be good.

medicalWhen I started working (after school), I planned on the medical field. I was there for quite some time and in various forms. I was a medical assistant, hospital staff phlebotomist, customer service in a medical lab, secretary/receptionist in a durable medical equipment company, then secretary in a peer review organization. I learned much from each position.


food serviceThen things changed and I worked in a corporate office of a food service management company as an administrative assistant (secretary). I had a lot of fun with this job – yes it was hard work and some stress – but I loved that job.



dentalThings changed again, I worked as an education coordinator for a dental company. I had fun here too – but a lot more stress.



virtual-assistantThen WHAM! Things changed again. Since my seizures got worse and stress is one of my triggers I was advised to not work in an office for a while. Well that’s been seven years, I do wish that edict would lift (I’ve been looking for a full-time job for quite some time now). That change caused me to start my own business. What I can do in my business is very good – as a virtual assistant I’m dedicated to helping my clients. When things got to a point where I knew I wasn’t the help I could/should be, I gracefully stepped away from my client.



retailWell you guessed it, life has changed again. I’ve been working part-time in retail for a few years now. It’s OK, but not exactly what I was/am looking to do. Now, the company I work for has offered me (I accepted) the position of Manager. The last time I was in charge was waaaaaaaaaaay back there in that medical assistant career! YES, I am nervous. YES, I do worry as to whether or not I will be good at this part of my career.


YES, my husband and I both worry about my seizures. I have been seizure-free since August 2007, I plan on continuing this wonderful aspect of my life. I do have to find a safe and perfect way to manage my stress because the last thing I want would be for my seizures to start again. YES, I do know that worrying is a form of stress and just that alone could be a cause of concern. My personality is that of a Type A, work like crazy has to be perfect kind of person. (No, I’m not like this at home) It is a challenge finding a diplomatic course – I’m usually blunt, I have found that in customer service blunt isn’t always a good thing. But that being diplomatic thing is stressful sometimes!

So, yes I am looking forward to this new adventure. Yes, as I tell others, it is important to keep an open mind and a positive attitude. That positive attitude is what will get me to where I need to be, and how best to handle situations. Just have to remember that one!!

Does anyone have any stress relieving/preventing techniques you could share? I would really appreciate that information! (Oh, and think good thoughts for me!)


Will the REAL You Please Step Forward?

How about it? Is the YOU that you are for you? Or is that YOU what you think someone expects?

Someone recently asked me why I didn’t put up with his crap (everyone else does). I told him that I’m at a point in my life where I’ve learned that I don’t need to do that.

who are youIt is so very important to go thru life being ourselves and not what we think others want us to be. It’s exhausting being one person for Group A, someone else for Group B, another for your spouse and one for yourself! Is the real you in there? Is the real you shared with anyone?

My first seizure was caused by a group of triggers: my blood sugar dramatically dropped and I was under a lot of family/work stress. Thinking back, that family/work stress thing was largely part my own fault. I was taking on a lot of things, and there were stresses I had no control over, but I thought I could take on everything and didn’t ask for help. I didn’t think anyone would understand, I didn’t think anyone would help. So I decided that I had to be some sort of wonder woman. Sure I can do it all.

Not so much.

Then when things calmed down I figured I could have different stresses to handle. I just knew I’d be OK.

Not so much that time either.

Then the third time (apparently I’m a slow learner) the stress was way more than I could handle, that wonder woman person just wasn’t willing to come out and play anymore. So, I had that record year of seizures.

Have I learned anything this time? God I hope so!

Even though my business isn’t doing as well as I’d like, I’m currently doing the job shopping thing. This time I’m looking for the right fit. Somewhere I can have some fun and still work hard. That is my work ethic – working hard. I have learned that I need to do this for ME! Yes, there will be side benefits for others, but I need to help me feel good about me. I need to be the best me I can be – and be happy in the process.

Let the REAL you come out and play! You can’t be anyone else – you are YOU for a reason.

So, how about YOU? Are you being the best YOU? Are you going thru life knowing that the best way to be good to yourself and others is to be the best YOU, you can be? I truly hope the answer is Yes, of course I am – and that it doesn’t take you as many times as it has me. Oh and for the record, no matter how much my Mom and Grandmother tried – I don’t like ruffles, many floral prints or many of the other “girly” things they thought I was suppose to like. So, why didn’t that non-conformity continue thru my life?

real you