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Just where did the Summer go? It doesn’t seem all that long ago many of us couldn’t wait for Winter to go south for the Summer! When we felt the Southern Hemisphere was well past starting it’s snowy season.

But WOW what a Summer we’ve had (in some cases one for the record books)!

Some people were blessed with wonderful things: their baby’s first step, the start to a needed treatment to save a life from a future health disaster, or even a wedding or two. Maybe finished building their new home, cottage, boat, etc. so they could have/start a new family tradition.

Whatever happened during this Summer (Labor Day is only two weeks away – YIKES), remember all the positives. Yes, some of the negatives could be life lessons not to be forgotten – but don’t dwell on them – that’s counter-productive!

One of the things Jim Rohn wrote in his book The Seasons of Life I’ve found to be very important and fits very well with my thoughts:

Overcome one obstacle in life, and another appears to fill the void. Life is designed to be a story of achievement in spite of adversity, not in the absence of adversity, for without adversity achievement could not exist. There shall always be cause to give up; there shall always be cause for complaint, but engage in complaining and you add to the downward pull of life.

I know first hand that not complaining about one’s lot in a particular situation is easier said than done. I could list a whole long list of some negatives from this Summer – but why? That’s just reinforcing that downward pull, and who needs that?

So, as we wrap up this eventful Summer, remember all the fun things that happened and may they always bring a smile to your face. Because as you face those adversities you need to have fun things to think back on to remind you just why you keep plugging along.