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Liz is Wickedly Chic!

Liz Nonnemacher is someone with a tendency towards a warped personality and a big heart (not necessarily in that order). We are VERY similar personalities with very different businesses. So in my own unique way, I’ll tell you about Liz and Wickedly Chic – don’t you just love the business name?

Wickedly Chic? Just what is it, what does Liz do with/in her business? Well, Liz created her website in 2006 with the goal of serving the independent business owner and bring their shops/services to a wider audience. She promotes, markets and supports indie businesses. Her tagline is Where Indie Business & Savvy Shoppers Meet.

So, now that you know what she does, you may wonder just what possessed her to start her business, especially since she’s mentioned she didn’t start Wicked Chic to make money. (didn’t start it to make money????)

Well, her oldest daughter was going off to college and Liz needed to do something. (not big on that sitting around not doing anything – boring!!!) Liz tells me that the “whole thing just fell into my lap through a series of events and I thought it would be a ‘nice little hobby.’ But I quickly began to realize that there was a market out there, that I had way too much to learn and yet there was plenty that I could do with the ‘nice little hobby’ including creating a viable business and making a living.” It’s always great when you can find something you enjoy/love AND earn a living while doing – why not? Many people have been doing just this kind of thing for YEARS!

I have wondered for some time now, just what are some of the strangest/quirkiest companies Liz promoted? You know, what types of services/products? I can only imagine there could be some doozies out there. I just loved the answer to that question! “Hmmmm…I have a regular advertiser who has some very interesting tee shirts – I always have to make sure that the ones actually featured on our website are the ‘squeaky clean’ versions. I’ve also featured shops that have adult-pleasure items but those sites have been very tasteful.”

Really, you can send your grandmother to Wickedly Chic and she’ll be perfectly safe. Maybe she’ll have less money after she sees the fabulous shops and services that we represent but she’ll be safe.” Safety in shopping is a good thing – everyone wants a great time shopping!

So, what’s the one thing (item, business) that gets Liz really excited? What makes her glad she started her business? Well, remember that big heart I mentioned at the beginning? Liz has loved (nearly) every business represented. But the occasional one? Well that was only because they just didn’t mesh – but it’s usually the business owner, not so much the business. But Liz says honestly they all get her excited. She’s always happy to help them gain more exposure and be able to offer more services. What’s not to get excited about?

So now I had to ask Liz a tough question. As you know, my blog is geared for people with challenges (primarily health) and letting them know that with drive and determination – and the occasional place to vent – anything can happen. So, even if you don’t have any health issues, what gets you most excited about your business? What get’s Liz Nonnemacher, crazy, fun woman out of bed and ready to start your business day?

It turns out that Liz is NOT a morning person! That really doesn’t matter for an internet business – that can be done at various hours and no one would necessarily know. Perfect! Liz has found she works best later in the day, she’s more efficient. She does all the “other” stuff first, like run errands, go out to lunch or hit the beach (I’m jealous – especially today – it’s only 5 degrees outside my door!) THEN she works – she’s got her batteries charged! The point she’s making: what works great for one person is not necessarily the best for another. Liz is (unlike me) a “large believer in the power of working in your jammies.”

Liz does have and struggles with asthma. And like with anything else in life, there are good days and the not so good ones. Having her own business allows her to adjust her time around the crappy days and still be productive.

Now about those daughters mentioned earlier? Well, Laura (the oldest) has graduated and is working as a social worker and has a part-time job. Her other daughter, Claire is a full-time college student. So, the ladies are keeping busy while Liz keeps busy. Ain’t life SWEET?

I’m so very glad Liz allowed me to share her story. I hope this helps you in some way. At the very least, you NEED to check out her website: http://www.wickedlychic.com remembering all the while there are GREAT things to purchase. Also, this is a great way to advertise YOUR business. You can also follow her on Twitter and facebook: http://www.twitter.com/wickedlychic http://www.facebook.com/liz.nonnemacher and http://www.facebook.com/wickedlychic

Health & Business

There are times in an entrepreneur’s business life when you wonder WHY. Sometimes it seems even more of a tough question when that entrepreneur has a medical condition of some sort. You may feel even more pressure from your business. I can appreciate that feeling. Honest.

This is by no means a “pity party” – never the reason for my blogs. This is an opportunity to share with each other that:

  • You are not alone
  • There will be good days and not so swift days – for your business and your health
  • Your support system may not be the best for your business.

Many times an entrepreneur feels they are all alone – no one understands where they are going with their business dream. Sometimes the entrepreneur looses their dream, or it gets muddied. That’s normal no matter who the entrepreneur is – that’s business.

There will be times when your health may (try to) get the better of you and foul things up. I know this from experience. There will be days when all is right with the world – and you can take on anything/every thing that comes your way. Revel in those moments. In your life and in your business. Take full advantage of those times. When you’re clear-headed and strong those are the best times to make strong business decisions. Never make decisions when you’re tired and on a bad health day – it’s counterproductive.

Your support system for your health condition may not be the best cheering section for your business. Sometimes well-meaning family and friends will not understand what it is your want to do and why you want to do this. Your loved ones can either drag you down telling you (lovingly and because they truly care), you just can’t do this, it’s too much of a strain. Others may go in the opposite direction. Actually put too much strain on you. Thinking they are being supportive telling you that they plan to live/retire from your business – and soon. (I call this over supportive) This can put undue stress on an entrepreneur – leaving the feeling of succeed or else.

I do truly understand this. I have my days when I feel on top of the world – even when my medication makes me feel I have to sleep for a while – I wake up just fine and clear. But then I have my low days, when those comments of hurry up – I want to retire (well-meaning as they are) – puts stress on me and then I worry that I might have another seizure (causing a set back in my health). That doesn’t help the frustration any! But then I can/do work my way past those feelings. I have a couple of quotes that help me, maybe you can find help with them:

  •  To believe yourself brave is to be brave; it is the one only essential thing. ~ Mark Twain
  • Life must be lived and curiosity kept alive. One must never, for whatever reason, turn his back on life. ~ Eleanor Roosevelt
  • Never allow a person to tell you no, who doesn’t have the power to say yes. ~ Eleanor Roosevelt
  • Just remember, if the world didn’t suck, we’d all fall off.  ~ Author Unknown

Find what helps you stay on your path. Don’t give up on getting through your health issues – whatever they may be – don’t give up on your entrepreneurial dreams.