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Should Santa Be Paisley?

On the news the other day I heard the craziest thing – people getting upset about Santa’s ethnicity.


With all the crap going on in the world, this is what people are upset about? So, people seem to want to know if Santa is a white guy. Then the other suggestion was: let’s have a penguin in a red suit represent Santa. HUH??????

12-17-13 Dr. Oz - TurkIn my mind there are a couple of things wrong here. Let’s think logically. Santa Claus or St. Nicholas as he started off being known, was from an area of the Mediterranean around Turkey, Greece, and Italy. The men from that region generally look like Dr. Oz. So, not really a “white” guy, more of an olive skin tone. Then, the guy moves to the North Pole. SERIOUSLY cold up there.

Oh, and no penguins. (Just how would a penguin drive a sleigh anyway???)

As I’ve mentioned before, I am a BIG fan of this season. My belief has always been celebrating Christmas is being with family and friends and enjoying the companionship. I feel it is a blessing to be with those I love and cherish – especially since some are not around…for various reasons. I celebrate the gift of love and pray for peace. It’s watching kids have fun and the wonder on their faces. Just as I still believe in the spirit of Father Christmas, St. Nicholas, Santa Claus what ever one wishes to call the basic core feeling/belief. You may be thinking, well Liz you can do that any time. You’d be right, because the feeling/spirit of Christmas should be year round.

When you hold to the belief that Christmas is a feeling/spirit, in your heart he can be represented in any fashion you want. He could be a short skinny guy with a paisley beard and purple skin. Who cares? Just so long as you see Santa in the image you want. Then keep in mind that people from different regions of the world have differing skin tones. My ancestors came from northern climates, so yes, they were white. My husband’s came from southern France in an area where the Moors invaded, he’s a dark complected white guy. People near the Equator are, to varying degrees darker complected.

So, depending on the specific region of the Mediterranean St. Nicholas came from, he could have been white to olive skinned. He physically wasn’t Latino, Black, Asian, Aboriginal or any other variation, but in your heart he is what you want/need him to appear.

Now, having said all of this, I wish you all a wonderful and blessed Christmas. I wish you all joy, happiness and peace. And, if you get that Radio Flyer wagon you’ve always wanted, then BONUS!!

Did I Inherit Grandpa’s Curiosity?

G n GGASP! I’ve become my Grandparents!

While this isn’t really a bad thing, I wish I was more like my Grandmother she was amazing with managing their budget and still got to go on great vacations; there is one aspect I’m concerned about.

What is that you might ask?

Well it’s the “let’s check out the new store so and so just built” thing.

Back in the early 1990s they were living in Deltona, FL and a new Walmart was built in their general area. Grandpa was excited and he really wanted to go and see the place. I asked why, it’s just a store. (What’s a Walmart anyway? At the time we didn’t have any in the area of MI I’m from.) Grandma told me that this is something that will make my Grandfather very happy. THEN she threw in “besides Honey, going to a store like this gives old people something to do.”

OMG! All I could think of was all those wonderful trips they used to take and now going to Walmart was a highlight???

Well, not long ago Kroger opened a superstore not far from my home. Shortly after it opened I thought, hmm, might be interesting to go and check it out. Then WHAM it hit me, I sound just like my Grandpa and that Walmart store!!! From what I’ve read it’s basically a grocery store on steroids with amenities. According to an article the place features “an on-site wine and beverage steward, a fresh sushi bar and a Starbucks. Other features include a diverse offering of fresh meats, an extensive produce department, organic foods, and a bulk natural foods section.” Then the article goes on to brag about the LED track lighting, skylights and heat reclamation system for air and water, and that the new place includes “an extensive health and beauty care department, a large selection of baby items and Kitchen Place, which carries small kitchen appliances and basic kitchen needs. The store also offers a convenient drive-thru pharmacy and an onsite fuel center.”

Gosh! Who wouldn’t want to see that? Well, as the store has been open for over a month, and I’ve driven past it quite a few times already, I guess I’m not in that big of a hurry to visit. But, I’m thinking that my “inner Grandpa” might win out and I’ll check out the store in the near future. I can always say his spirit is guiding me…